Anna Voitenko

Anna Voitenko. Member of the NCU since 2012. Based in Kiev, Ukraine

Member of the NCU since 2012
Based in Kiev, Ukraine


Anna Voitenko was born in 1979 in Kiev, Ukraine.
1997-2003 — she studied at the Kiev Polytechnic University of Ukraine (formerly NTUU KPI), the faculty of electrical engineering and automation.
2003 — she graduated from art school at the National House of Artists.
2004 — she graduated from the School of photojournalism at the newspaper Vechernie Vesti.
2003-09 — she worked as a photo editor, photographer and photojournalist in a number of media outlets:
2003-04 — newspaper Abrakadabra, photo editor;
2004-05 — magazine Beauty Time, photographer;
2003-06 — newspaper Vechernie Vesti, photojournalist;
2005-06 — Inter TV channel, photographer;
2006 — PHL photo agency, photojournalist;
2007 — newspaper Vechernie Vesti, photojournalist;
2007-09 — Simvol magazine, photojournalist.
Since 2009 — she has been an independent photojournalist and collaborates with leading international and Ukrainian agencies and magazines. Anna’s photos are published in numerous periodicals and on information resources: Kommentarii, Den, Segodnia, Gazeta po-Kievski, Vechernie Vesti, Zerkalo Nedeli, Kievsky Telegraf, Zhizn, Telenedelya, Argumenty & Fakty, Izvestia, Komsomolskaya Pravda,, Simvol, Sho, Profil, Korrespondent, Ekspert, Fokus, Domus, Nash Dosug, 7+Semya, Telegid, Afisha, What’s On, Dfoto, Dcamera, Unian, PHL, AP, AFP, Tribuna, Obozrevatel,
Since 2012 — member of the Noga Creative Union.

​​Awards & Honors

2010 — Grand Prix of Best Photographer 2009.
2010 — Award from the Russian Photojournalism Development Fund 2009. Second place in category of series of Daily Life.
2010 — NOOR-Nikon masterclass in documentary photography.
2008 — Official Honorable Mention for the 2008 All Roads Photography Program.
2007 — Grant from the Swedish-Ukrainian photo project Urban Structures.
2006 — First place in the Contest of journalistic photography Psychiatry and Dignity of a Person.
2004 — Grand Prix in the competition Reinox.

Solo exhibitions

2018 — Iza, The Ukrainian Institute of America, USA.
2008 — Iza, Ya Gallery, Kiev, Ukraine.
2010 You are an Illusion (in the installation of Tiberius Silvashi Horizon), Ya Gallery, Kiev, Ukraine.
2009 Ad infinitum, Ya Gallery, Kiev, Ukraine.
2007 Education of Pity, 2nd Kiev Photo Biennale, Mystetskiy Kurin Gallery, Kiev, Ukraine.

Group exhibitions

2021 — NCU 15 years old, VI International festival of photography 'Fotokrok' named Sigismund Yurkovsky, Vitebsk Center of the Modern Art, Vitebsk, Belarus.
2020 — Noga Creative Union, Thin Line Photo Festival, Odessa Museum Western & Eastern Art, Odessa, Ukraine.  
2012 Anticyclone, Apartment 3 Gallery, Kiev, Ukraine.
2012 Outpost of Russian Photography, a joint exhibition project: the Museum of Organic Culture, Gallery of classical photography, Moscow, Russia.
2011 Shade of grass, Ya Gallery, Kiev, Ukraine.
2008 4×4 Ukrainian and Lithuanian contemporary photo project, gallery Prospekto Gallery, Vilnius, Lithuania.
2007 Urban Structures, Swedish-Ukrainian photo project, Centre for Contemporary Art, Kiev; Dzyga Gallery, Lviv; Kharkiv Municipal Gallery; Exit Gallery, Odessa, Ukraine.
2007 Daily Life, Gallery in Bemov District, Warsaw, Poland.
2006 Days of Kiev in Warsaw, National Gallery, Warsaw, Poland.
2006 Psychiatry and Dignity of a Person, RA Gallery, Kiev, Ukraine.
2005 Orange Revolution, Municipal Gallery of the Bemovsk community, Warsaw, Poland.
2005 War and Peace in Kiev Streets project, Second International Month of Photography in Kiev, Photo biennale 2005, Grifon Gallery, Kiev, Ukraine.
2004 Useless Time, Grifon Gallery, Kiev, Ukraine.
2004 Art Photography, Central National Museum-Archive of Art and Literature of Ukraine, Kiev.


2008 IZA, ArtBooks Publishing House, Kiev, Ukraine.