Paulo Nunes  

Paulo Nunes. Member of the NCU since 2023. Based in Lisbon, Portugal

Member of the NCU since 2023
Based in Lisbon, Portugal


Paulo Nunes was born in 1977 in the city of Lisbon, Portugal.
In 1996, after finishing high school, he joined the Portuguese army.
Between 1997/1998 he took part in a humanitarian mission in Angola. It was at this time that he first contacted with photography, driven by the enormous social inequalities and poverty that he witnessed. Such issues came to greatly influence his personality and consequently the themes illustrated in his photo stories.
Since 2000 Paulo has been working as an analyst in the Portuguese public administration body.
In 2010, family issues led him to travel to the Northeast of Portugal quite regularly, and it was then that he began his photographic journey in a more consistent fashion.
In 2014, he founded an Association together with other Portuguese photographers.
In 2015, in parallel to the project Transmontanos that he had been developing since 2012, Paulo began a set of medium-length photographic series, which he named as Fragments.
In 2017, he started the project Metamorphoses related to the winter rituals of the Northeast of Trás-os-Montes.
Since 2023 ​​— member of the Noga Creative Union.

​​Awards & Honors

2023 — 1rd Prize of the Caixa CA Foundation — Alto Douro, photo contest From Montesinho to Douro: people and landscapes.

Solo exhibitions

2014 — Retrospective, Cultural Recreational and Environmental Association of Palaces, Braganza, Portugal.

Group exhibitions

2014 — Sea of images, project of the Association of photographers 7 seas of images, Camões Library, Lisbon, Portugal.