Oleg Videnin

Oleg Videnin. Member of the NCU since 2020. Based in Bryansk, Russia

Member of the NCU since 2020
Based in Bryansk, Russia


Oleg Videnin was born in 1963 in Bryansk, USSR.
In 1985 Graduated from the Bryansk Technological Institute, 'a forestry engineer'. He worked as a forester. Then, almost as an actor of the local Young People’s Theatre, but the result had gone into journalism. He worked in newspapers, on radio and TV.
Photography since childhood. I photographed her parents donated 'Smena' and 'Lubitel'.
The most active period began in the late 90s, when photographic Internet sites appeared, where Videnin quickly gained popularity and became one of the five most mentioned photographers of Runet. At the same time, his photos become winners in various competitions and awards. The photographer receives offers of cooperation and begins working with several Russian and foreign galleries at once. Photos published in many publications, including — New Witness, Pioneer, Russian Life, Ogonyok, Kommersant, Russian reporter, Times…
Photos are in gallery and private collections in Russia and abroad.
Uses traditional analog materials, works in a dark room.
Since 1988 — member of USSR Union of Journalists.
Since 2005 — member of the Agency PHOTOGRAPHER.RU
Since 2020 — member of the Noga Creative Union.

​​Awards & Honors

2009 — Prizewinner of the Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Prize 2009, National Portrait Gallery, London, UK.

Solo exhibitions

2022 — 22 photographs, VII International festival of photography 'Fotokrok' named Sigismund Yurkovsky, Vitebsk, Belarus.
2020 — The Russians, Kunstraum gallery, Innichen, Italy.
2020 — Portraits from the suburbs, Gusev local history Museum, Gusev, Russia.
2019 — Hotel, ZERNO gallery, Saint-Petersburg, Russia.
2017 — Girls from the suburbs, 1 Fotofest 'Vmeste', Novosibirsk, Russia.
2017 — 10 photographs, Art fair 'Art-Ufa 2017', Ufa, Russia.
2014 — Kids, Festival Internazionale di Roma FOTOGRAFIA, Roma, Italy.
2014 — Wheel, Gallery Fotoloft, Moscow, Russia.
2013 — Portraits from the suburbs, La Quatrieme image, Paris, France.
2013 — Plechevye, Gallery New Kovcheg, Lviv, Ukraine.
2013 — Portraits from the suburbs, Gallery Dziga, Lviv, Ukraine.
2012 — Perestroika, Contemporary Russian photography, FotoFest, Houston, USA.
2012 — Portraits from the suburbs, Perm State Art Gallery. MUSEUM PHOTOS, Perm, Russia.
2011 — International Discoveries III, FotoFest, Houston, USA.
2011 — Meetings in the way, FotoVisa, Krasnodar, Russia.
2011 — Crossroads, the Australian Centre of Photography, Sydney, Australia.
2010 — Portraits from pokrajine, Gallery Serbian Fotounion, Belgrade, Serbia.
2010 — Subjective Paris, Gallery Fotoloft, Moscow, Russia.
2009 — The Journey Home, Gallery Sputnik gallery, New York, USA.
2008 — Portraits from the suburbs, Gallery Photographer.ru, Moscow, Russia.
2005 — Portraits, Photonet-Studio, Moscow, Russia.

Group exhibitions

2021 — Noga 15 years old, VI International festival of photography 'Fotokrok' named Sigismund Yurkovsky, Vitebsk Center of the Modern Art, Vitebsk, Belarus.


2021 — Girls from the Outskirts. eng./rus., ISBN 978-5-6045544-8-7, Russia.
2015 — Oleg Videnin, WERCDRUCK No.35, Germany.
2009 — Photographs by Oleg Videnina. The return route, Art-Volkhonka, ISBN: 978-5-904508-03-6, Moscow, Russia.
2008 — Black and white square. Female theme in the work of Oleg Videnina. Portfolio, Publication gallery PhotoLoft, Moscow, Russia.


2011 — THE RUSSIANS, A Film about Oleg Videnin, amadelio film (GB).

Museum collection

The Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts, Moscow, Russia.
Moscow Museum Contemporary Art, Moscow, Russia.
Bashkortostan State M.V. Nesterov Art Museum, Ufa, Russia.
Museum of Organic Culture, Museum of Photo Art, Kolomna, Russia.