The image should speak for itself. Absolute silence would be ideal here. Any commentary overwhelms and distorts the image. But people, as a rule, are not satisfied with an image alone: they need text, commentary, discourse. However, there is also a reciprocal relationship between image and text. They are in constant interaction. At first it is rejection, mutual exclusion, then comes a kind of companionship.

Jean Baudrillard 

Reviews. Noga Creative Union

Evgeny Berezner / Moscow, Russia

The path of life is ingenuous in its minute-by-minute manifestation, until the minute that completes it and exposes all the sorrow of love. Time accumulates love, transforming the artlessness of the preceding minutes into a revelation of the existence of the human soul, clothed in the cover of flesh and blood, united with the vastness of the earthly limits promised to it, and cultivating this inheritance.

How can we not hope for the destiny of human life, each of its minutes, which have become eternal in its inextinguishable images embodied by the light of love? How can we not believe in the light of truth that appears before us in these images? 

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Reviews. Noga Creative Union

Imre Benkő / Budapest, Hungary

Through Misha’s exciting series of photographs, we can take a look at the lives of groups of people living in isolation on distant steppes, adventuring in space and time with the authenticity of documentary photography.
The faces and quiet melancholic moods of man flashing in a prehistoric environment are thought-provoking, the photographer’s personal visions in our rapidly globalizing world.

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