Alexander Shchemliaev

I hate photography. And these days I hate it even more. At the beginning, while in the army, I took pictures for the troops. Lost my sergeant rank slides two months before the discharge for taking pictures for the demob albums, and for not spilling the location of the photo lab spot. Then I was made to serve out last month of the service with privates. This is Photography for you. I took pictures at university and worked there part time as a lab assistant, adding to my school stipend. Mandatory “volunteer” work on potato fields and in construction crews. (Study? What study?) And even under this tyranny I still photographed. Took pictures in “hot spots”: was beaten, choked with my camera strap, taken out for execution. Brought back amazing coverage. But back in Moscow, at the editor’s office was told that I’m back too soon. This wasn’t shown at the 1st TV channel yet, so it can’t be run. Maybe later. One picture at a time …


© Alexander Shchemliaev / Ukhul: The abode of the Dagestani highlanders

Ukhul: The abode of the Dagestani highlanders

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