Altai: The Lost Universe

Misha Maslennikov

A volunteer labor camp named after Holy Martyr Kliment of Ankir at the Orthodox community of the Holy Martyr Anthimus of Nicomedia is located in the village of Poteryaevka, Altai Krai, Russia. 

The village was founded in the beginning of the 19th century and entirely emptied by the 1930-ies after many families were expelled to the country’s extreme north during the collectivization. Later in 1972 the village was recognized as having no prospects. At the time around 300 villages ceased to exist in Altai. In 1926 Poteryaevka’s population was 345 people and by 1963 it reduced to 200. In the same year of 1963 the authorities drafted a new village development plan, which provided for growth of population to 700 by year 1970. However, in 1972 the village disappeared entirely after its last resident had left the place …


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