The Don Steppe

Misha Maslennikov

Picture yourself in the midst of the steppe, somewhere out in the open, looking at the horizon. You find your gaze drawn beyond this meeting of earth and sky, to the far side of the visible, so much that you can see nothing other than this inexorable boundary. What’s out there? What kind of life beyond imagining? Perhaps something utterly different, utterly unknown: seas and mountains, the crystalline glint of office windows in concrete canyons, elegant shop windows, the fireplaces of ski lodges? Perhaps climbing the corporate ladder with its strict dress code, or beach volleyball in stylish bikinis? …


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© Misha Maslennikov / Kolodozero: Call of the Heart

Kolodozero: Call of the Heart

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© Misha Maslennikov / Altai: The Lost Universe

Altai: The Lost Universe

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